Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ask nudists Equipped Flat Frosted Glass Window

GROUP club nudists (nudism) submit an objection letter to the City Council, they complain that their activities do play tennis will be a free show by neighbors who live in a new flat.

Flocks man who likes to live naked it had a membership of about 300 people has an arena of activity in the area of ​​5 acres of Warlingham, Surrey, England. The location is called Club covered the White House fence in the form of green foliage.
Outdoor tennis courts is one of the sports facilities available in the White House Club, a gathering place for nudists in Warlingham, Surrey UK.

As written in the telegraph.co.uk site, they stated activities will be disrupted if realized plans to build flats and new roads are built near their buildings. Interference that occurs mainly when they are exercising tennis - of course naked bulat-- will be a free show for the neighbors who live in the upstairs flat.

The club has members ranging in age from two to 90 years with a wide range of professions ranging from nurses, teachers and electricians and the like.

David Mason, one of the directors of the club said: "It has been many years been a naturist club (natural) - we celebrate our 80th year in 2013. It is a haven of peace in the neighborhood."
Club members nudists in the White House, Warlingham, worried about their tennis activities became a free show for the neighbors who live in the flats to be built in the region.

"We are concerned over the developments taking place at the moment, appears potential that could destroy the future of our club, and especially of the tennis court, which is located at the corner of our property. The location is across the street!" he said.

He said if it rises planning permission approval by the Board of Disktik Tandridge, on the construction of new flats, then he filed a requirement could only be built with the requirements of each window overlooking the tennis club site should be given a frosted glass or closed. Only a small portion on saja-- --Parts window that can be opened.

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